Book Review: Vanishing Act

I hope everything is fine with all of you
It´s time for another book review again and this time in English. The book i have been reading has been in English so let´s do a review in English. The book is:

Vanishing act a Tom Knight mystery (part 1) by Charlie Hodges.

Story: Ex-SAS officer Tom Knight is now a 73-year-old private detective in a seaside town, with a bad leg, a taste for good weed and a morbid fear of growing old. He’s also fallen in love with Fran, a sprightly 52-year-old carer at a retirement home. The bad news is that she’s dumped him for lying about his age. So when she’s framed for the murder of three old ladies at the home he resolves to win her back by proving her innocence. His quest takes him behind the town’s veil of respectability, into a murky world of Oxbridge hookers, a lovelorn Tarot card reader and England’s most obnoxious policeman. He even faces up to his fear of old age and dementia, by going undercover at the care home where the murders happened. Thats basically the story of the book.

I really enjoyed this book it really got my interest from start. I like Tom and most of the character but there was one character i found to be so annoying. But then you can´t like every character in the book. I found myself laugh a bit while i was reading this. And i would say it´s a cosy thriller. It has some romance but still you wanna know who the killer is. For the most part i did like this one but in the last 50 pages i found it to be a bit boring so for me it only got 3 stars. But i´m still glad i read it. It was an okey book but not my favorite. But in the furture i do wanna read the second but in the serie about Tom. I got this book in subscription from the english bookshoop club. And i read this psychical.
Before i wrap up i must say I LOVE the cover, it might not have been a new favorite but the cover i love😍My favorite color is purple.And also i want to share this because yes i love reading but it´s not going to be every book that you read that you will love.