Book Review: Tales Of Witchcraft

How are you?
Its time for a new book review in English. I have now read one book that i bought last year. And i´m so happy i actually read it and did not DNF it (DId not finish) Earlier this year i started this book but thought of not finishing it because it felt hard to read. But now i know that, it was because i was very stressed. Because now when i picked it up again. It didn´t felt hard to read. I enjoyed it more. So now i´m goning to do a book review of this horror story collection.

Tales of witchcraft edit by Richard Dalby

This is a book with 17 diffrent short stories about witches, when you first start with this book the first novels are good but it gets so much better. It gets creepy and scary. But the first novel is in my opion just okey. But if you just push thru the first once you will enjoy the rest of it. I will say that these horror stories are quite old. Some of the novels are written in the early 20th century.That was also so fun to read the horror back then was very good.
(And for those who read this who is swedish 20th century is 1900- talet)

My favorite novels from this book are:
Unburied Bane by N. Dennett
Miss Cornelius by W. F. Harvey
Catnip by Robert Bloch
The Taking by Roger Johnson
And of course Gramma by Stephen King

Would i want to read more from this person, yes. I love horror and i´m happy exploring the genre more than just reading Stephen King. So i hope that in the future i will read more books like this. But for now i´m going to try to read the books i own. But if you wonder where i bought this book, i bought it from bookstagram.
Anyway i´m so happy i read this and it was so good. I had so much fun reading this.