Book review: I survived: A True Story


Hur mår ni?
Jag har haft en lugn söndag och lyssnat klart på min ljudbok och jag tyckte den var så bra så jag tänker skriva en bokrecension. Och precis som förra gången tänker jag skriva den på engelska då boken är på engelska och var inte översatt.

Book: I survived: I married a charming man and then he tried to kill me. By Victoria Cilliers
Story: On Easter Sunday 2015, experienced skydiver Victoria Cilliers undertook a parachute jump, a gift from her husband, British army sergeant Emile Cilliers. Her parachutes failed to open and she plummeted 4,000 feet to the ground. This is a true story and thats why it´s all so sad and horrible. To know everything she been through, the lies, the trial. You get to here how she met her husband to the day when he get´s his sentence. She is a strong woman and this is a book that is powerful and leave you thinking after the book is finished. I don´t want give to much away but this was a great book and if you are like me that are into true crime, i´m sure you will like it. And i loved the narrator to this book. I listen to this on audio Book (storytel) And now all i want to listen to now is true crime books 😂I´m such a true crime nerd.
I think it´s heartbreaking everything she has been through but she is a strong person. If you like biography i also would recommend this book.