Book Review: The Unhoneymooners


How are you?
Today i thought i would do a book review of a book that i recently finished and i would like to talk about it.

The unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren. Read 29/6-7/4

Story:  Olive is always unlucky and her identical twin sister Ami on the other hand is probably the luckiest person in the world. She’s getting married with her dream man. When the entire wedding party except olive and Ethan gets food poisoning- there’s an all expenses paid honeymoon in Hawaii. Olive and Ethan has to act like they just got married…
For me who doesn´t read a lot of romance I must say I did really enjoy this book. It made me laugh a few times when i read this and the steamy scenes were so good. I´ve come to realize that if i am going to read romance books i like troops like enemy to lovers and fake dating. And both these troops are in this book. Will this year be when i realize romance? Maybe. However i still love my thrillers and mysteries/horror books. But i do recommend the unhoneymooners if you like fake dating troops. Or romance in general. And if you don´t like too much steamy scenes you will probably like this one, there are a few but not to much.

So who knows maybe i´ll read a lot more of romance… But i am a moodreader so if i feel like reading a romance i will do that. If i feel like reading a thriller i will do that.